Sample Real Estate Executive Resume

Kent Schwartz is an incredibly experienced real estate executive who is looking to join a very large and prominent real estate franchise in a different state as their new chief executive officer. Unfortunately, his preexisting real estate executive resume failed to demonstrate how he has been historically successful as an entrepreneur and business man. The top 3 issues identified with his real estate resume included:

1) Absence of well-organized skill set
2) Absence of his value proposition
3) Absence of key contact information

Skills: His resume had sporadic mentions of his skills which made it difficult for hiring managers to read and parse out visually. ResumeGuru consolidated all of his skills while adding additional ones that he was clearly demonstrating but hadn’t actually mentioned previously.

Value Proposition: Since he was the president of many of his past organizations, it was very easy for him to forget to mention what kind of return on investment he provided. After all, this executive had no one else to answer to. ResumeGuru highlighted his accomplishments in a measurable way to show that he not only experienced but effective as a real estate specialist.

Contact Information: Unbeknownst, he had been sending out his resume without any of his contact information. No wonder he wasn’t getting any replies! ResumeGuru ensured that his executive resume would have his email, phone number and location so that his hiring manager could not only contact him, but also know what time zone he was in.

With an updated real estate executive resume under his belt, he was to apply and get a new job within 4 applications.

Service Used: Renovate for Executive Real Estate Resumes

Some simple real estate resume or executive resume tips that you can learn from Kent?

- Demonstrate real estate escrow knowledge
- Describe operational/organizational efficiencies derived specifically for your real estate or escrow company
- Mention successes that required the application of brokerage and contract negotiation skills

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