8 Awesome Resumes

It’s a very difficult task to create a creative and engaging resume. You want to show your individuality and your inventiveness but that can sometimes cross the line into the territory of egotism or even weirdness. Here are 8 resumes that tread that line beautifully.

1. The facebook profile is one of the most recognizable templates on the web. This savvy media producer used that to her advantage and created a simply outstanding resume.

2. Hate taking a folder or briefcase to an interview? Shove that resume into your pocket. This resume is not only inspired, it’s just so damn practical.

3. Metrics! How do you cram all those wonderful facts and figures into your resume without boring your reader to death? Michael Anderson found a gorgeous way to do just that and in the process showed off his amazing graphic skills

4. Inspiration for an awesome resume can come from anywhere. For Kristian Leigh Walsh it was a childhood board game.

5. With any job search it’s all about visibility. There is no better way to stay visible than with a resume t-shirt.

6. Samuel J. Mallet decided to fold his resume. Luckily for him it was made for such a purpose.

7. You could always keep your resume nice and secure with a box or you could just make the resume a box.

8. Some people spice up their resume with colored paper or impressive graphics. Melissa Washin just sewed hers together.